Sunday, July 18, 2010

Evan is 14 months

Evan is growing, growing, growing.  He is still scooting VERY quickly.  He is not walking yet.  He has pulled up a couple of times....not with an intent to walk but to go after something he wants.  This month he pulled up on the side of the bathtub to get a toy that he had thrown in it.  The little guy fell right in.  I felt terrible and was so scared because our tub is HARD.  Our house is old so our tub is ceramic over steel.   I was standing right there fixing my hair when it happened.  I did not even think about it or have it on my radar because before then he had not pulled up before - on anything.  So he can pull up and stand, he just has to want to! 

Evan saw his first fireworks in his 14 month of life.  We spent the holiday weekend with Chris' family so we went and parked in a lot near Chateau Elan to watch their firework display.  He really seemed to enjoy them!  He kept pointing up in the sky and smiling. 

Evan's new thing is his fist raise.  He always points toward things with his fist as if he is hailing something.  That is his way of drawing your attention to something either he wants or wants you to see. 

He is constantly in the pantry.  He opens boxes of crackers, etc. and reaches in and just helps himself.  He LOVES to eat!!! I thought teenage boys ate you out of house and home....I think my 14 month old is going to.  He is not one to sit still while you read him stories.  He grabs the book and LOVES to turn the pages himself.  On each page he points at the pictures and "talks" he is telling the story.  It is great!  He is mimicking what he has learned....pointing at the pictures and saying what they are. 

His ninth tooth has started breaking through....another tooth on the bottom.

He is a very playful little guy.  He loves to "run" away...scoot away.  He will take off and laugh so hard and if you call after him "come here, Evan." he scoots away faster, just chuckling.....loving being chased. 

We sure do love our little Evan and watching all the new things he is doing and experiencing. 

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