Friday, July 2, 2010


Mommyhood has been HARD lately!  As sweet as my boys are I am just feeling WORN     


It is contantly "no touch", "soft touches", "no scream" to Evan and I am constantly the manners police to Brady.  And he is talking......NONstop!!!! It wears me out.  The crazy thing is....he gets it from ME.......GREAT! By the time they take a nap in the day and go to bed at night, I am ready to crash!! 

Surely, this too shall pass! 

LORD, please give me the patience and wisdom to get past this season with the joy and fun I know is sandwiched in between all this other JUNK.  Amen

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Laura D said...

It will pass... Now you know what we all go through listening to you (lol) just kidding I love you and you will look back on this and laugh. It does get easier. You are just busy. It too shall pass. Hang in there. LOVE YOU!!