Sunday, September 19, 2010

16 Months old!!!

Evan turned 16 months old on the 12th.  He has gotten more sure-footed in this past month but still is not walking on his own, just cruising.  He is more clearly and frequently saying Daddy, he says "Daaayee" cute!  He is voluntarily kissing more....which I love!  He leans in and says "mmmmhhhh" with his lips leaning in for a kiss.  He says please now, "deese".  When we finish a prayer and say "Amen", he says a quick "yeah" and nods his head with emphasis.  He says "whoa" and "wow" a lot....when he sees something out the window of the van as we drive by or something happens that he finds interesting out in the world or the playroom.

He knows how to turn on the cute!!!  He will say over and over again: "Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma" and when you look at him he has his pretty little head cocked to the side looking at me, what a charmer!  He "talks" on the phone.  When he gets his hands on Chris' cell phone or one of his toy ones, or actually any thing that vaguely resembles the shape of a phone he holds it up to his ear and starts "talking" away....hilarious!!

Very, very interested in any and ALL balls.  He will spot the soccer/baseball/tennis/football/softball/plastic ball, any type, across a room and scoot FAST across the room to get to the ball to throw it, kick it, get some kind of handle on it.  

I still can't believe this little sweetie is going to be a big brother in just 5 short months!

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Laura D said...

He is such a DOLL!!! Love him so much just want to eat him up!!!