Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I LOVE my sweet Brady Mac!

My Brady Mac yesterday while in the carpool line at preschool...obviously after some thoughts went through his mind....says to me: "how are we going to have three daddys in our house?"  Trying to catch up with where he was in his thoughts, I said: "What do you mean three daddys?"  He said: "When I get big and Evan gets big we will have three, Evan, and Daddy."  I said: "Well bud, when you and Evan become daddys you will also have wives, who are the mommies, so you will live in your own houses with your children."  He asks: "Well, where will you be?"  I said: "I will be in my house with Daddy."  His eyes start filling up with tears: "I don't want you to be gone.  I don't want you to leave me, Mommy."  My heart was so full (of course knowing that it won't be too long before he can't wait to move out!).  "Brady I will come to your house as many times as you will have me and I will visit with you and your wife and your children as much as you will let me.  I would LOVE to visit you guys at your house a lot." Brady (tears drying up): "You will?"  Mommy: "Of course, I will Brady.  I love you and will want to see you as much as I can."  Brady: "What about Daddy?"  Mommy: "Daddy will want to come visit you as much as possible too!"  Brady: "Okay, that sounds good!"  LOVE him!! He always manages to warm my heart at all the right times...just when I need it the most!

Labor Day weekend, Chris and I had the opportunity to take Brady to the movie theatre for the first time together.  We were in Atlanta visiting Chris' family so we had the opportunity to leave Evan, while napping, with Pop Pop so we could take Brady to see "Toy Story 3"  Mimi, Zachary, Aunt Mi, Uncle Kevin, Maegan, Callie, and Ashley went with us.  We had a GREAT time until the end.  I was emotional with the whole Andy growing up and moving away...of course that made me think about my boys...although I have a while to go I was crying pretty hard.  As we are walking out of the theatre, all of a sudden Brady starts falling apart, crying hysterically.  We try to talk to him, but he can't talk.  We try to get him to express why he is so upset.  We can not get him to express was like he was unable.   Finally when we got back to Chris' folks house and Chris sent him to lay in his bed for a little bit to get his emotions together, he was able to talk to me.  He said he was very sad because of the bear being mean to the baby in the movie.  There is a part where the baby (a doll) wants his momma (a talking doll that says that) and the bear (a stuffed toy) is really mean to the baby saying that his momma doesn't want him and chose to leave him.  It was pretty harsh as I remember thinking during the movie: "yikes, that is pretty hard core." Anyway, Brady was crying and just kept saying: "How could that bear be mean to that baby?  He just wanted his mommy."  It was so sensitive and compassionate, that I was proud but I also felt bad for him and his little tender heart.  Something like seeing a fun movie, affected him so strongly.  Poor lil' sweet fella!

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