Sunday, October 17, 2010

17 months old

My sweet Evan is already 17 months old.  He is such a HANDFUL! He is definitely a fun handful but, nonetheless, a handful.  He exhausts probably would not be as exhausting if I was not pregnant so I try to keep that in mind as much as I can as it is not sweet Evan's fault that I am "with child"!  He is still just cruising vs. walking on his own, which adds to my exhaustion.  Carrying my 20 extra pregnancy pounds and his 24 1/2 lbs. around is HARD on my old bones!  

He is saying more words and those he was already saying he is saying much more clearly.  He is saying "ky" (sky) now.  He is saying "good job".  He is saying please "pease" a little more clearly. 

He is in a stage where there is so much that he wants to do regardless of his ability to do it yet.  I am constantly amazed at what he is able to do, especially in regard to his fine motor skills.  He enjoys building with blocks of all kinds and is good at even the little things you have to put some of the kinex pieces.   When he tries to do things that he is physically unable to do he gets REALLY frustrated!  He likes to have things in order...he will take all the little matchbox cars and line them up along the windowsill in the playroom in a perfect uniform line.

He is a VERY playful, mischievous little boy.  He LOVES to be chased.  He LOVES to get into things he should not get into and all the while he laughs and giggles with the cutest smirk on his little face. 

Evan and I have really been enjoying our Mommy & Me music class.  He seems to have a crush on his teacher, Miss Stephanie.

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