Saturday, October 23, 2010


Evan took his first steps without holding on last Saturday, October 16th.   I was very excited!!! He is 17 1/2 months so I thought this day would have come a lot sooner.  We were at Brady's soccer game and during the practice time he stood up in the grass and walked back and forth between Chris and I.  He was so proud of himself.....the sweet smile and the big-eyed "WOW....look at me" expression was so precious! 
Since then he has been practicing a lot....standing himself up, walking around the house, falling on his fanny, etc.  When he figures something new out, like turning himself around to change directions, he gets so excited!  I LOVE it!!! I get a little teary-eyed each time I watch him stagger around.

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Laura D said...

YEAH!!!!!! Love you all