Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kindergarten is Kicking Off

I can’t believe it….we are here.  We are wrapping up 4K and getting ready for our future as a kindergartner and a family of a kindergartner.  A few weeks ago I registered Brady for kindergarten.  I had never set foot into Bluff Park Elementary before.  In fact when I went inside I had the realization that I have not stepped foot into a big school (not just a little preschool) since I was in school….WOW!!  As I walked through that big school and filled out all the information needed for my Brady Mac, I got sooo emotional…this is the start of my baby’s school career.   I got worried about so many things for him…mean kids, getting lost in that big building, using the big bathroom in the hall with strangers, figuring out how to get his lunch at the cafeteria, mean kids, getting abducted from the playground, mean kids……YIKES!!! I got emotionally, definitely teary.  I kept thinking: “If I am this teary just registering you in April…how on earth am I going to be in August when I actually drop you off here?”

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