Saturday, May 14, 2011


My EvJ turned TWO today (5/12/11).  I can not believe it.  I clearly remember two years ago when I sat in the NICU rubbing your back while you were in the little plastic crib hooked up to all the monitors.  I sat there for hours trying to not pass out from exhaustion as I did not want to leave your side.  It did not seem right to leave your side.  Finally Daddy came back from taking Brady & MiMi & PopPop home and encouraged me to say good night to you and head back upstairs to sleep.  It is hard to believe that was only two years ago.   

You are such a BIG boy…BIG fun, BIG personality, BIG laughs, BIG love.  You fight fiercely and LOVE fiercely.  You are always running – and always falling down.  You always have a “boo boo” but are soooo tough!!  You are a joy to all of us….the perfect addition to our family.   

You have so many more words…your vocabulary is taking off!  There is not anything that you will not say or try to say : )  You are starting to use the potty.  Growing up so fast! 

In honor of turning two I thought I would decide my top two favorite Evan things (even though it is so hard to focus on just two): 

(1)   Your nurturing, maternal/paternal way….such a LOVER…you will grab my face and give me such a yummy, big kiss.

(2)   Your laugh…so sweet, so contagious…the best sound, the best medicine! 

Happy Birthday, Evan!  I love you!!!

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