Monday, September 5, 2011


A couple of Sundays ago I had what I consider a perfect kind of day.  I realized it at the end of the day when I was walking with my boys.  I looked over at Chris as we were walking in our neighborhood with our boys and just felt this complete feeling of contentment.  I realized that the day was the kind of day I enjoy most. 

It started with working my new part time job in the nursery at Prince of Peace Catholic Church (working toward our cause of paying off our unemployment debt) for their first mass.  Then I picked up all my boys and went to church.  After church we had lunch as a family, all my boys napped/rested well and I was able to rest some and also accomplish things around the house to feel ready to start the week.  When my boys woke up we enjoyed a great time playing outside and then a yummy dinner.  Chris grilled and I cooked some sides inside.  We had a great dinner and then enjoyed a walk through the neighborhood as a family.  The overwhelming feeling of contentment was unmistakable.  The reason this stuck out to me was the day was so ordinary.  We weren't on vacation, we didn't win any prize or money, we didn't make any grand purchase or learn of any extraordinary was just a nice, simple ordinary day but it was the kind of day I love.  I thought this was here it is, for me to remember that so many of my favorite days are ordinary days where there is fun, good food, a sense of accomplishment, a little exercise, great relationships, some rest, and an adequate amount of time outdoors.

Just something that I want to be able to remember and look back on!

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