Thursday, September 8, 2011

So often I am struck by the differences in personalities between my two older boys. I had a little glimpse of it yesterday during lunch with my sweet Evan. We often take his shirt off when he eats thing that can stain and put on an "eating shirt" (old t-shirts that we don't care if they get stained), in lieu of a bib. I took off his shirt and as I reached for an "eating shirt", Evan says: "No mommy not eating belly." Me: "You don't want to wear an eating shirt? You just want to eat without a shirt on?" E: "Yes, mommy. Just my belly." I just smiled and thought back to Brady's younger days - and even now - how uncomfortable he is without a shirt on. Swimming, eating, anything, Brady will ask: "Am I just going to - fill in the blank - in my belly?" He always prefers a shirt and has since he was very little. Evan, on the other hand, is completely comfortable being topless!

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