Thursday, October 20, 2011

Updates of my Kindergartener

I still have times were it is hard to believe that I have a kindergartener...even though we are a good two months in.  Brady is doing great.  He has made friends, enjoys his teachers (and they him), gets his lunch in the cafeteria with his pin number like a big boy, and so many other big boy things.  He is "reading".  I use quotation marks because at this point it is still just sight words, but excites and fills me with pride nonetheless. 

He is playing in his second season of soccer with Upward and it is amazing the difference in development in one year.  He enjoys it so much.  He is not one of the more competitive or aggressive ones in the group but he enjoys being a part of the team just the same.  He still will tell you - when asked what his favorite part is - that snack is his favorite part!  He has played in 5 games so far this season and has scored 3 goals (a singleton in 3 different games) - very exciting - last year he did not score any...not that it bothered him at all.  He just enjoyed being out there and running around with his teammates. 

We just signed up for basketball for the first time.  It will be fun for him to try a new sport. 

I was able to chaperone him on one of his field trips.  We went to Old Baker Farm - we LOVE that place.  It is where we go as a family every year to cut down our Christmas tree.  My sweet husband took a vacation day to sit with Evan and Maddox so that I could join Brady as a chaperone on one of his trips.  It was a fun time together....we rode in the very backseat of the school bus and Brady was a little nervous with how bumpy it was, he kept saying it was kind of like a roller coaster.  I liked it because he held my hand or wanted me to have my hand on his leg the whole time to help him feel safe.  I will take my cuddles where I can get them, especially now as he is growing up.

We can join Brady at school for lunch so today I am going to join him at 11:20 a.m. to have lunch with him.  He was very happy when I told him this morning that I put a note in his backpack with my lunch choice.  He and I have been talking for a couple of weeks about me coming to his school to have lunch with him.  This is something that he has been wanting me to do for a little while so he was very excited to learn that today I would be joining him.  Of course as a mommy that made my heart swell and I looked forward to the idea of that special time with him.  He and I sitting at the family table enjoying lunch.  He smiled big and gave me a big hug and then said: "I am going to invite Preston to join us."  Apparently when the kiddos have a parent or guest come eat lunch with them they are allowed to invite one friend to join them if they want to.  I guess I am having lunch today with my sweet Brady and his buddy Preston.  That is not exactly what I had in mind but I guess this is the beginning of that stage of life....I had to hide my minor disappointment in not having the one on one lunch that I had envisioned.  I am still looking forward to this experience with my big boy!

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