Thursday, October 13, 2011


Evan is such a sweet & funny little fella.  He is at the delightful age where he is constantly saying new fun and so cute!  Our favorites - not necessarily for WHAT he says but rather, HOW he says it are (translations are in parentheses):

  • did ya heeya (hear) dat? (did you hear that?)
  • whew (pronounced where with a "w" sound instead of an "r" sound) aww (are) you?
  • hehwa (hair)
  • sawdee (sorry)
  • ahhh meenit (a minute, just a minute)
  • hode me, hode me (hold me)
  • wahh doin'? (what are you doing?)
  • ah lud you (I love you)
  • pop it (stop it)
  • pupcake (cupcake)
What a delight!

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