Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is an amazing thing.  You can communicate in the obvious ways...the spoken word, written word, etc.  You can also communicate in more subtle ways...a soft touch, a glance, a gesture.  Evan is QUITE MOUTHY the communicator.  He lets you know exactly how he feels, exactly when he feels it.  If you tell him something he doesn't want to hear, you will usually receive one of two responses:  "You makahme angry." (You make me angry) or "I gonna tell on you".  Sometimes when he is really feeling the love...."I don't like you, Mommy (Daddy, Brady, etc.)."  At the same token, his expressions are very grand, very memorable.  He also is quite capable of making you feel loved without saying a word.   He always wants a squeeze after his hug & kiss from Daddy in the morning before he heads out to work.   He will suddenly come at you in a full on sprint and dive in your arms, loop his arms around your neck, or clutch your leg in the most desperate acts of love without any notice.  He will - seemingly out of the blue - look you square in the eye and say "I love you the best Mommy."  While eating lunch - just two little guys sitting beside each other having a couple of minutes of silence while eating sandwiches as their mom unloads the dishwasher - Evan will say "Brady I love you."

Evan sure is quite the communicator and - depending on the mood - his passion can frustrate you or warm you in ways I have never experienced . 

I love him!



 his new, cute laugh, where he covers his mouth

 loving, and sweet


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