Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Love or Joy?

Do I love my boys too much that I often rob myself of enjoying them? Sometimes I my overpowering love/concern for them so much that my focus is just their needs....are they getting the right nourishment? enough rest? enough fun? too much fun? enough discipline? too much discipline? structure? too much structure?...that I forget to enjoy them? So sad, but often true; in my quest to "do right by them" I often cheat myself of the gift they are to me from GOD.

Today I had a moment that I was able to just enjoy...about 10 minutes of just me and my boys in the floor of my cousins' house in SC, enjoying sundaes from McDonald's. Just us because she was at her birthing class, on the floor for fear my boys would make a mess of her pretty, kid-free dining room. I had the thought.."these are the memories that I hope I have a lifetime." LORD, help me to decipher between the times I am to act in regard to my boys and the times I am to "just enjoy". AMEN!

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