Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Potty training already?!?!?

Sounds crazy but a part of me really hopes not! I am not is a good bit of work and effort for the mom parents, with the holiday season, all the winter clothes, etc. I just am not up to it right now.  Also my sweet boy is my last baby so I do not want him to grow up....ever!! I am still trying to figure out how to keep him little.  So how did this precious nugget:

Start pooping in the potty at 20 months old:
I guess he was ready!  At about 18-20 months old I decided to take the potty out for Brady and Evan so that they could become familiar with it, not be afraid of it, it be a part of their routine, etc. Then when it was time to really potty train the boys at just past 2 years old, they would be ready for it.  So with Maddox I decided it was time to pull the potty out in October since he will be two years old in February.  The first night, we sat him on it before his bath and nothing happened. The second and third night, he peed in it...WOOO HOOO!!! The fourth night he pooped in it!  WOW!! I could not believe it.  Now a month and half later, he has pooped several times in the potty, pees in it almost daily, and talks about it as well.  I guess I may consider potty training after the holidays, before he is even two years old.  I guess it is time to resign to the fact that he is really going to grow up : (

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