Friday, September 20, 2013

"The End"....

....and other Evan funnies....

  • Last night before dinner Evan wanted to pray.  At the end of the prayer he said "The End" instead of "Amen".
  • "It's Looking at Me" - while going potty I hear Evan yell this from the bathroom, yes, he was indeed referring to his "manhood"
  • After getting my hair cut short today - one of my fears with wearing my hair short is that I will get "helmet head", that it will get too puffy, too full.  When I picked Evan up from preschool he looked at me and said "I like your haircut, Mommy.  It looks like a helmet."
  • While going over letters with Evan in the bath tub, we were saying words that begin with each letter.  When we got to the letter "n", his "word" that begins with "n" was "In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth - Genesis 1:1"  Precious!
  • What a card!  This past summer Evan exchanged naps for rest/quiet times.  He does not do as well with this as I would like so I usually have to go in there at least once to remind him that it is not play time but rather rest time.  Today I went in the play room to tell him this and he layed down on the futon as he heard me coming.  When I get in there he is laying there fake snoring...oh my!

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