Friday, December 20, 2013

The Heavy Heart of Being a Mommy

Today I learned of something horrific, easily one of my worst fears as a Mommy.   A guy that works at the Baptist Church in walking distance of our house was arrested for what the police report describes as "horrific"...sodomy, child rape, electronic solicitation of a child, child pornography...held with a 6 million dollar bond.  Unfortunately these types of stories are not rare, happens everyday, and is something that builds anxiety in me more than I care to admit.  With this being so close to home....did I mention we could walk to this church?? reminds me of the fallen, dark world that I have to subject my children to.  So today I had yet another conversation with Brady about the things to be careful of in regard to this evilness - of course edited to a 7 year old level - and how to handle such a situation if he - PLEASE LORD NO!!! - finds himself in one.  I hate that I have to have this conversation with him.  I hate that I have to rob him of his complete and total innocence by broaching such a subject.  I hate that my heart has been heavy all day thinking about this poor child....about this tortured mother.  Oh the heavy heart of mommyhood.....LORD hold my children tight in your arms, envelope them in your protective love, grow my faith to a strength that can surpass ANYTHING that comes my way in this fallen world.

fun time watching the Veteran's Day parade with my loves

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