Saturday, December 13, 2014

BIG School Year

It has been a while since I have written about life here in the Stidham household.  I would love to think I will remember all the things that have made me think: "I need to journal that because I do not want to forget it."  Unfortunately I am sure there is several things I will forget because it has been too long.  I am going to do my best to catch up on the little moments I want to remember.

This was a school year of firsts.  Maddox started school for the very first time....3K, preschool at Shades Crest Baptist Church.  Evan started at big school....kindergarten.  Brady started 3rd grade this school year, which means REAL grades for the first time.

 Maddox has adjusted to school very well.  He has made his own friends.  He constantly says to me "Miss Morgan (his teacher) loves me." 

I was caught off guard by the emotion that welled up in me when Chris and I walked Evan to his first day of kindergarten.  I felt fine leading up to it, he was excited about it, he was not my first child to start school at Bluff Park Elementary - yet still - I found myself thinking "oh my gosh what is this I am feeling.  Why do I feel apprehensive?  What is this anxiety and uncertainty?  That prickly burning behind my eyes is a familiar feeling."  Then...just as we get to where we stop and Brady & Evan would continue into the building, I let go of Evan's hand and he looked at me and said "Who is going to go with me?" Oh no!!!! Oh No!!! Why is he asking that?  Is he not going to be okay with this?  What do I do?  I looked at him and said "Buddy, you will be fine.  You will see Mrs. Shipp (who he had met the day before) and make a bunch of new friends.  It will be great."  Then he walked in by himself with the cheerful encouragement of Mrs. Littlejohn - the assistant principal - and I turned my back away from him and the tears poured out....I was so caught off guard by how I felt that I was not sure how to handle it....I was ill-prepared.  I was anxious to pick them up that afternoon as I was dying to hear how it went.  Evan got in the van and said "I had a great day.  I love kindergarten!"  Phew!!!! That was a long 7 hours for this mommy!

I have been so proud of him and how he has made the transition to "BIG" school.  He has always been a bit more reserved so I had some concerns about the whole "little fish in a big pond" idea. My concerns have proven to be unfounded.  Bluff Park Elementary has been a great environment for Evan to spread his wings and open up.  I have heard from countless adults about how kind he is, how social, well-mannered, and confident too.  It has given me great joy to see him enjoy big school so much and to come into his own as a well-adjusted kindergartener. 

Prior to 3rd grade, our elementary school just gives N's, P's, and S's.  (N - Not Secure, P - Progressing, S - Secure).  So for Brady this is his first year to have "real" grades.  At this point he has only received one report card and it had ALL A's....that was very exciting!  The best part to me about his report card was the 3's (the best) he received in all the sections under Conduct....respect, helps others, etc.  That warms my heart to the core!  I have reminded Brady countless time over his short span of does not matter how smart you are if you do not respect authority and do not treat others kindly.

That was our start to this school year....hopefully I can take the time to journal more and not have to play catch up as often.

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