Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sophmoric Salvation???

So it is no secret that Chris and I have come to a saving knowledge of Christ and have turned our lives over to HIM as LORD of our lives.  We are Christians who are thankful for Jesus' sacrifice and the LORD's grace and mercy.  With that said, it is no surprise that we are teaching our children about our faith and taking them to church where they learn about it as well.  Whenever I lay them down to sleep - nap or night time - I pray with them.  One thing I always pray for is that they "come to a saving knowledge of you (Jesus) at an early age".  Based upon Chris' and my beliefs it is obvious as to why I would pray this and why that is important to me.

At some point this Fall, Evan was asking me questions about GOD....about seeing him, talking to him, etc.  This was not the first time we have had a conversation similar to this one.  By very definition faith is believing in something you cannot see.  So with GOD not tangibly in front of my boys, faith and the Holy Spirit are aspects of Christianity that we discuss.  Whenever the idea of Jesus living in their hearts and guiding their lives comes up there are many questions about what that means.  On this particular day, Evan was asking me questions about Jesus, about what it means to have Jesus live in our hearts.  I explained to him that Christians are saved from their sins and have eternal life with Jesus in heaven when they ask him to forgive them of their sins, ask him to live in their hearts, and ask him to be LORD of their lives.  He then asked me "how do you ask him?"  All the while, Evan is on the potty while we are having this conversation and I am working on getting Maddox down for a nap.  I answered Evan, "you pray to Jesus and you ask HIM to forgive you, ask him to live in your heart, and to be GOD of your life if you feel like that is something you want to do - and if you sincerely ask him - HE will do it, he will live in your heart."  Evan said "okay, Mom, I want to do that."  I said "okay" and then continued into the bedroom to get Maddox settled.  I then hear Evan praying - while sitting on the pot:  "GOD, I want you to live in my heart.  Okay?"  "I want to live in heaven when I die."  Then I heard him yell from the potty: "Mommy, I did it.  I prayed.  I asked Jesus.  He lives in my heart now."
I was very excited, of course, but was nervous on how to proceed and exactly what to say next.  As much as I loved the fact that he prayed this sweet prayer, that he asked Jesus into his heart, that he was excited about it, I also was very skeptical.  I could not help to think - He is only 5, he does not fully understand, he is too immature to know what all this means, he does not understand what a daily surrender, a true relationship with Christ means.  I did not want to take it too lightly, not show excitement and love for something so AMAZING, so WONDERFUL, the most important decision my children can ever make.  What message would that send to Evan?  So I wonder....does he get it?  Is it real?  Only GOD truly we shall see, I will continue to teach and pray, I will continue to be open and excited to any and all open doors that lead my sweet angels to the one and only Savior.

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