Sunday, May 31, 2009


My baby is 3..........I can not believe it! He turned 3 yesterday, May 30th. Our tradition with Brady has been to have a whole day devoted to Brady's favorites...activities, food, etc. This year was no different. The only thing different this year compared to the last two was his ability to really vocalize - in detail - his requests. We started the morning with the whole family going into Brady's room to get him out of bed when he called for Daddy. He was laying there with a big smile when we went in and all wished him a Happy Birthday - camcorder rolling. Chris and I set up his b-day gift in his playroom while he was sleeping the night before so we could usher him into the playroom after he woke up to see his gift from us. We purchased him a great full size play kitchen for his birthday because he LOVES to pretend to cook and prepare yummies for us. He was very excited to receive his kitchen...and his sweet heart was so grateful...repeatedly: "Thank you Mommy, thank you Daddy. I love my kitchen. It is great. It is cool. Thank you so much. Thank you for my present." Such a grateful little boy! His breakfast request...french toast...which he was able to eat in the den while watching cartoons. Then his request was the zoo. We packed up the family and spent a good 2, 2 1/2 hours at the zoo. It was a beautiful day...nice change here..sunny, warm, and NO RAIN...YEA!! Brady had the opportunity to feed the giraffes...big fun and something new that we have not done at the zoo before. On the way home we went through Milo's drive thru for Brady's lunch request...Milo's toasted cheese. Being Brady's birthday - and a day about him - he was able to eat his toasted cheese in the den in front of a cartoon...BIG DAY!! After nap, we packed up and went to Ross Bridge - a great neighborhood close by where my friend, Ericca, lives. We enjoyed their great pool for a couple of hours and ordered and had delivered another of Brady's favorite dinner. Then we came home and got ready for bed and sang Happy Birthday to my big 3 year old with his cake request in front of him...yummy birthday cake with strawberry icing on it. Mommy made her favorite little boy a yummy birthday cake with homemade strawberry icing on it during his nap. He LOVED it! It was a great fun day of celebrating our little man...we are still shocked that he is three years old.

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