Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Small Step for Brady....One Giant Leap for Momma!

My baby went to school today! I can not believe it...Chris and I have been talking about how fast he got this!

We had a blast preparing for this new chapter in Brady's life. Brady and I made a paper chain to count down the last two weeks leading up to school.

A couple of days after we started the paper chain, Chris and I found that our clever little boy was storing his paper links in the base of his locker lamp....

Mrs. Janey, Brady's teacher, called last week to introduce herself. We missed her first call so we played the message for Brady to hear...he was beaming hearing the message from "his friend, Miss Janey."

I found a really cool rocket ship back pack for Brady a LONG time ago and put it away to surprise him with it the night before his first day of school!

He LOVES it!!!

Chris and I wanted to make his VERY first day of school a special time in his life...something fun, exciting...something to celebrate and look back on with fun, wonderful memories. We bought him new pajamas for the night before the first day....rocket ship p.j.'s, like his backpack and we purchased him 3 new books (he LOVES books) about starting school...Maisy Goes to Preschool, The Berenstein Bears Go to School, and Curious George's First Day of School.

Brady woke up to a special, yummy treat for breakfast...strawberry muffins and a whole new dish set..a Cars plate, bowl, and spoon and fork set. He already had a Cars place mat so we bought new dishes for his fun, new morning. The lunchbox he picked out for school was Cars...he is a big fan of this Disney movie and the characters on it. I went to the Parent Teacher Store and bought a large cut out of a school house and a set of vinyl reusable school-themed stickers to decorate the kitchen for him to see when he woke up. I hung up the school house on the wall and stuck half the stickers on the kitchen window and the other half on the window of his van door to see when we headed out the door to drop him off.

Our big boy heading to school.....

It seems like yesterday he finally took his first steps (at 16 months) and now he is walking into school........

Today was one small step for Brady.......

but one GIANT leap for Mommy.....

We had orientation yesterday so he spent an hour in his class with his teacher and classmates and Chris and I sat in a meeting with the director and the other parents in the sanctuary. That was good for all of us...start out small and prepare for today. That helped because he LOVED it, as I assumed he would. That made it much easier today. One hour first before the full four hours...a nice way to ease in to our new routine.

Letting my baby go one baby step at a time was hard today. Brady is my buddy. It has been he and I all day, every day for three years. It is definitely going to be a transition for Mommy and an adjustment. I think the biggest part for me is knowing this is just the beginning of letting go and that is hard to swallow. I pray for protection for my little guy and I thank GOD for trusting me to take care of one of his special children....what an amazing gift! LORD help me to make you proud, reflect your love, and be the mommy YOU want me to be!

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