Thursday, August 27, 2009

BQ's from Preschool

Oh, my sweet Brady! He often makes me laugh, often makes me smile, and VERY often warms my heart. He continues to do this as he tells me about school. I couldn't wait to pick him up that first afternoon (August 18th) to hear all about his day, what he did, who is in his class, about Mrs. Janey (his teacher). He told me how much fun he had and asked if he could go to school again...that was a GREAT reaction! He brought home the cutest craft...with his handprint...reminding me of how little he really still is : ) and told me about his friends Josh and Olivia. He continues to mention them daily...I guess the two kids he has bonded with the most thus far. He told me that Mrs. Janey "got a little bit mad" when the other kids were throwing blocks. When I asked him if he was throwing blocks he said "no". When I asked him if anyone was throwing blocks at him he said "no". I said "what were you doing?" Brady: "reading books...they have my favorite book of ever...the big truck book." Some fun BQ's (Brady Quotes) from Brady's first two weeks of preschool:

- "Mommy, the girl with the Dora backpack is going to come to our house and watch how good I play baseball."
-"Mommy the playground was wet so we went to the gym and I got to play basketball like the big mans do."
-"Mommy, I cried on the playground today." Mommy: "Why, buddy?" Brady: "Because I missed you and I wanted you to be there but you didn't come." Mommy: "I am sorry, bud." Brady: "It's okay, Mommy. I am all better and I will not cry tomorrow Mommy, I promise."
-"you know Mommy the boy with the yellow shirt and glasses..what is his name?" (So cute, like Mommy sees and knows long can I keep him thinking that?)
-after chatting with him about his day and asking questions to try to figure out what his day was like, what he did, etc. he says: "Mommy, can we play now? I don't want to talk about school anymore."
-"I love school, Mommy. Can I got to my school again?"
-after his usual "home prayer" before lunch one day at home, I said: "do you guys pray at school before lunch?" and Brady busts out in song with "God our Father, God our Father, We thank you, we thank you, For our many blessings, for our many blessings, Amen, Amen." LOVE IT!!

Precious, precious times for a precious, precious boy!

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