Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Sweet 6!!!

I am starting to think they should call 6 months old the "Super Sweet 6" instead of calling 16 "Sweet 16". My dear sweet Evan is the sweetest baby in the world!!! I just adore him. He is that baby that makes you want fact, I don't know how I am going to stop myself from wanting another little angel. I don't write much about my sweet baby on my blog because I journal about him and his firsts and development in his First Year Journal but I wanted to write a little update about Evan for those that keep up with us via my blog. I am his momma after all, so if I don't brag about him, who will?

  • 6 months old on November 12th and as sweet as can be

  • 26.5 inches long (60th percentile), 16lbs. 13.5oz. (50th percentile), 17 1/4 inch head circ. (50th percentile)

  • at about 5 months we started introducing baby cereal to prepare him for food, spoon feeding, etc. so he would be ready by 6 months to really eat...not a big fan of the cereal at first, but then warmed up to it

  • on November 13th he had his first veggie...squash...he was okay with it; then after a few days...sweet potatoes....liked them; today he had carrots for the first time and he liked them

  • he has started vibrating his funny

  • he laughs out loud, often, and it is the best sound on the planet

  • he absolutely ADMIRES his older brother...always watching what he is doing and smiling and laughing at him

  • he has started sitting up pretty well so he has been taking baths with Brady and it is so fun to watch them enjoy each other's company so immensely

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