Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brady comes in the bathroom the other day while I was going potty, he kinda looks toward the back of the toilet...."Mommy, are you going pee pee out of your penis?" Oh goodness, I think to myself....I we at this point already?!?! Me: "No, buddy. Mommy doesn't have a penis." Brady, kinda smirking like I was kidding, "Yes you do, Mommy You have a penis." Me: "Girls don't have penises, buddy." Brady (really contemplating things): "Oh. Do you pee pee out of your bottom then?" Me: "No, not really my bottom, bud, girls have different parts." Brady: "Oh, okay." I am soooo glad that he didn't not ask me about those "parts"!!

Chris and I constantly find ourselves loving the way Brady says certain words. I think we don't always appreciate how cute it is the way little ones say things until they start saying them correctly and then you have that "awwww, remember when he said it like this" moment. Brady started talking VERY WELL young...he spoke in complete, articulate sentences by 18 months so now that he is almost 3 1/2 years old there are not many words that he pronounces "wrong". Some of our favorites are:

  1. regulary...for example: "I don't want peanut butter on my waffle. I just want to eat a regulary waffle."
  2. yesternight....instead of last night, Brady always says yesternight, like yesterday...this one makes me wonder: "Why isn't it yesternight?"
  3. mapkin....instead of napkin
  4. keepor (kee.pour)....when Brady and Chris play keep away with the soccer ball...Brady calls it keepor
  5. jack o' lanterin....jack o' lantern
  6. Handy of his favorite Disney characters is Handy Manny...he calls him Handy Mandy
Yesterday Brady and I had the UGA/FL game on in the kitchen while making some Halloween cookies that we were going to bring to our friends' house for a Halloween party. Chris is also watching the the den. In Chris' typical charged up UGA football way, he went crazy in the den over some play and Brady yells from the kitchen: "Daddy, calm down. I am trying to make cookies in here." I LOVE IT!!

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Heather H said...

oh dear ... i won't tell tommy this - cause you know he'd say, "Get that boy outta the kitchen and watching the game!"

love your posts :)