Thursday, December 24, 2009

How did they do it?

As I enjoy my sweet angels during this most wonderful time of the year I have been really pondering what an UNBELIEVABLE sacrifice was made for all of us....even little ol' pathetic, sin-ridden ME! I have a sweet baby that I love to cuddle as I am sure Mary cuddled Baby Jesus. I nurse my little guy as I am certain she nursed Jesus. I smile non-stop at Evan's non-stop smiling, I light up at the sound of his laughter, my heart warms when he says "Momma", and I want to do ANYthing and EVERYthing in my power for his happiness, well-being, and safety - all things that Mary, as Jesus' Mommy did!

So how did they do it?!?! How did Mary - Jesus' MOMMY and GOD - HIS FATHER do it? It is something I can not even who created HIS son knowing the final outcome and one who carried HIM in her womb, birthed HIM, nursed HIM, cuddled HIM, raised HIM, and loved HIM unconditionally and then watched as HE was sentenced to death on a cross. As much as I love my boys and know I could not stand by and let them suffer in such a horrific way, I am utterly amazed at GOD's love for all of us...HIS children, that HE could do that, was willing to do that for little ol' pathetic, sin-ridden ME! I am equally in awe of Mary's obedience and understanding of her role in such a gut-wrenching outcome for a MOMMY!

Thank you for your sacrifice...such trite little words for such a HUGE gift, but sincerely Thank you!

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