Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I Don't Want to Dive"

Definitely the quote of the week......out of the mouth of Brady. After reading his devotion before his nap yesterday, we were talking about trusting GOD for taking care of us; that HE is always there for us - no matter what!

ME - Isn't that great, Brady? We can trust GOD to always love us and take care of us!
Brady - I don't want GOD to take care of me!
ME - Why not Brady?
Brady - I want you and Daddy to take care of me!
ME - Well, Daddy and I will take care of you but GOD is always with us...all of us, me and Daddy too, taking care of us.
Brady - HE is not taking care of us...HE is in heaven.
ME - HE is in heaven Brady
Brady (VERY concerned) - I don't want to go to heaven, I want to stay with you and Daddy. I don't want to "dive" (die) I don't want to go to heaven with Big Granny (Chris' Grandma Stidham)
ME - You don't have to go to heaven right now, Brady. GOD is in our hearts too, Brady...the Holy Spirit is...that is how GOD is always with us
Brady - Right, Right....Jesus is in our bellies!

LOVE these conversations in which I hope we are closer to my daily prayer...."LORD, I pray Brady comes to a saving knowledge of YOU at an early age"

Along those same lines...we have been celebrating Advent in our home and, therefore, talking a lot about celebrating Jesus' birth. In talking about birthdays Brady, of course as a typical three-year-old, associates birthdays with parties and birthday cake.

Brady - "Mommy, how are we going to celebrate Jesus' birthday in our bellies?" Sweet Brady knows that Jesus lives in us...we have taught him that HE lives in our hearts but he continues to view Jesus as living in our bellies.

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