Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I want to scream "NO"!!! often these days! My sweet little Evan is growing up right before my eyes and way too fast! I can't stand it. He is eating baby food now...has been for about a month...he will be 7 months old on Saturday...he is saying "hey" and "Momma"....he has cut his first tooth (about a month ago), although it hasn't come out yet (a slow one)...he is just growing up way too fast and I can not stand it. I want to freeze him so badly...keep him at this sweet, smiling, cuddly, easy going, "Momma" chattering stage FOREVER!!!! How rich would I be if I could invent and patent that formula?!?!?! The cute thing is....Brady feels the same cute from a three year old. He looked at me a couple of days ago and said: "Mommy, I don't want Evan to get bigger; I want him to stay little!" "He is so cute"

So these days, I find myself admiring my sweet little bundle of joy and screaming "NO!!!!" in my head - OFTEN and LOUDLY!!!! Unfortunately no one is obeying my ear-piercing NO...he is growing up anyway....right before my very tear-filled eyes!

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