Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brady went to his first Vacation Bible School last week.  It was four days - Mon. - Thurs. and he loved it.  I was a little nervous dropping him off somewhere new but he really enjoyed it and learned some great things.  They had a singing program the last day and Chris, Evan, and I went up there to watch him was so cute.  He was really into it and did a GREAT job.  One of the songs he sang has this line: "every day I'm growing up a little bit, a little bit more".  I actually teared cheesey am I?!?!  After his program, we went out to eat chinese food and after lunch, as Chris was heading back to work, Brady said "Daddy why do you have to go to work?"  Chris said: "Brady why does Daddy go to work?"  Brady: "to make the money."  Then Brady looks at me, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS and says: "So Daddy makes the money and Mommy you make the milk?"  Too cute!!!  Of course he asks this in an outside voice inside this little chinese restaurant FULL at lunch time.  I just looked at him and said: "Sure, buddy.  Something like that."   Too cute!!

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