Thursday, August 20, 2015

He really is a little artist

Because of our eVan Gogh's interest and talent in art, Chris and I decided to sign him up for art class with Jayne Morgan .  She is a local artist in Bluff Park and offers art classes for Bluff Park Elementary School students at her studio after school on Tuesday afternoons.  He has made us so proud with his paintings.   He has been the youngest one in her classes, and he has impressed us with his work.  He enjoys it so much.  For our active, does not always prefer to sit still, little guy, the fact that he sat still and focused for Jayne's classes and produced such beautiful work, tells Chris and I this may be his thing.  For his birthday his grandparents all chipped in to pay for a week of art camp with Jayne in July....the perfect gift for this gifted artist.

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