Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sweet Nothings

My Madman is such a sweet snuggle bug.  He is so thoughtful and precious in his little sweet nothings to his momma.  Earlier in the summer - we had a rare moment - Maddox had a sleep over with me.  Chris was out of town for work.  Grayson & Olivia Kim spent the night so their parents could go to the Dave Matthew's Band concert.  The four older children had a slumber party in the den.  I did not want Maddox to feel left out so I invited him to have a slumber party with his Mommy.  He was lying next to me and he reached over and patted my back and - very sweetly - said "I love you Mommy".  Several times throughout the night, he patted me and draped his arm across me to hold me.   It was SOOOOO precious!  I love this little angel.

Tonight while watching a movie with the boys, Maddox snuggled up to me and said I like this movie, Mom.  He then said I LOVE you, Mommy.  Short pause - "and I LOVE GOD!"

LOVE this sooo very much!

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