Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sophomoric Salvation Chapter 2

A couple of weeks ago while reading the Bible to the boys, heaven and salvation came up.  I mentioned that truly surrendering your life to Christ and asking him to be your Savior is the way to have eternity with HIM in heaven.  As soon as I could get the last syllable out of my mouth, Evan pipes up with "I have already done that"  with complete conviction and sincerity.  So I asked him, "You did?" and he said - very seriously - "Yes, I told GOD that in my bed". I dug further, "what did you say?"  He answered, "I said 'GOD, I love you.  I want to be with you in heaven when I die'".  I was amazed at this private moment he had with GOD, and touched, also unsure - with his age - the level of sincerity of this encounter.  Does he truly understand the seriousness and depth of what had occurred.  I do not know but I know I do not want to minimize this moment in his life.  I said "Evan, that is awesome! That makes my heart so happy."

LORD, I pray for this salvation and surrender to be genuine in all three of my boys' lives.

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