Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My dear boy - how blessed I am to have such a sweet boy...his spirit, his heart just melts me! Some of his sweetness lately:

To my mom (Nonnie) - "Nonnie, I want you to stay at our house forever!"; "Wow, Nonnie, you look pretty."

To me, before school - me: "I am glad you like school and Mrs. Janey (Brady's teacher)." Brady - "I do like Mrs. Janey, Mommy, but I LOVE you."

After smashing my thumbnail to the point of an immediate black bruise I was crying...Brady: "Mommy why are you crying (he was close to tears himself)? Are you sad?" "Mommy don't be sad; I am here." Me: "Brady I am not sad, buddy, my thumb just really hurts." Brady: "Are you not happy, Mommy. Daddy will be sad if you are not happy." Me: "Buddy I am happy, just in pain." Brady, giving me a big hug: "It's okay, Mommy. I am here and I will help you. It will get all better soon, I promise."

And a cute funny - during Evan's dedication Blake Benge (our pastor) was introducing our family and mentioned big brother, Brady. Right after he said Brady's name, Brady looked at the room with a big smile and said, out loud: "Yeah, that's me!"

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