Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My heart is most full when I see the love between my two boys. I have heard of this from friends for quite some time...just how great it is to witness your children interact in such a sweet way. I did not think I would witness it this early. Brady has adored Evan from day one. Of course it has taken some time for Evan to notice Brady and respond to him. Over the past month or two, it has busted my heart wide open to be able to watch their interactions. The way Evan looks at Brady with such adoration is chicken soup for the soul for sure! He cranes his neck to watch everything that Brady is doing...he sits in his car seat with his neck angled toward Brady at all times! Brady is always checking to see where Evan is and making sure he is okay...."Mommy Evan is fussing I will go check on him."; "Mommy don't forget Evan (as we are heading out the door)!"

When Brady and I are on Brady and Mommy dates he usually asks - more than once - "Where is Evan, Mommy?" "Why is Evan not with us, Mommy?"

During a recent conversation Brady and I had in the van when I asked him about whether or not he would want another baby, he misunderstood me - in such a cute way. He said "No, Mommy, I don't want another baby. I have Evan. I love him. I don't want another (read different) baby." After further discussion, I realized he thought I meant do you want another baby in place of sweet that he would not want to trade his baby brother in!

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