Thursday, June 24, 2010

Evan's 13th Month

I can't believe my lil' baby is 13 months old already!!! He is sooooo his little scootin' way.  He gets into EVERYTHING!!!!  He definitely keeps me on my toes....or face (as he wears me down...sooo tired with him)!  He cut a new tooth this past Monday...the bottom right one, next to the center right one...if that makes sense!  Today I noticed the opposing tooth is starting to break through as well....this will make tooth number 8.  He says "yeah" in context with a nice, little nod.   "Do you want milk?" Evan: "Yeah" with a big nod.  He has a VERY passionate personality...when he is happy, you know it; when he is angry, you know it!  He laughs a lot!!! A very fun, out loud, belly is GREAT!!!  He loves to give his Mommy kisses.  He leans toward me and says "mmmmmm" and then plants one on my lips....usually with his mouth open.   He has these adorable curls at the nape of his them.  Chris thinks we need to cut these "strays" but since they are sweet lil' curls, I don't want to.  He is such a cuddler.  When you hold him he tucks his arms up underneath himself and snuggles in against your chest...I LOVE it!!  He LOVES playing with his big brother so much.....he laughs at Brady's silliness constantly.  It is so fun to watch them enjoy one another.  He is LOUD!!! When he wants something, he lets you know it and if you don't get what he is wanting quickly, he SCREAMS...oh my, some days I am afraid I am going to be deaf from the screaming - or insane!

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