Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest in the Stidham Household

Weaning ....has turned to WEANED!! We are done....Evan did fine with dropping his last feeding and finally my boobs are not hard as a rock, about to rip open, and unbearable to be even brushed up against.  That was unbearable!!! I have no idea why it was so bad this time.  It was not like that when I weaned Brady.  So glad that pain is gone!

BRADY MAC a couple of weeks ago before Brady was going to bed (we were hanging out in his room as he waited for Chris to come in and read and pray with him....he was getting Evan in the bed) he said "Mommy, will you sing me a lullaby?"  "Of course, buddy, I will sing you a lullably"  In my mind I am something with my sweet boy that is getting to cuddle him and him be my baby??? YES, PLEASE!!!
So I put him in my lap and rocked with him and sang a lullaby and  LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!  After Chris put him to bed, about 5 minutes later or so, Brady called for me in his room.  I went in there and he said "Mommy, thank you for singing me a lullaby.  I love you!" 

Oh, Brady!  I LOVE you too!!!

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