Sunday, August 22, 2010

15 Months!

15 months sure has gone by fast.  Here is Evan's sweet face.....
he is so much FUN.  he is WILD.  he loves to TALK (in his own language).  he SCOOTS faster than any child i could ever imagine scooting.  in his 15th month he has started CRUISING...around the coffee table, the couch, the train table, whatever he could pull himself up on.  he is getting one of his first year MOLARS in.  he LAUGHS all the time, out loud and BOISTEROUSLY.  he SMILES at everyone with the biggest open mouth, tongue-between-the-teeth smile you have ever seen.  he SMILES so whole-heartedly and big that it takes over his whole being and his EYES smile too.  he has NO FEAR and wants to do "big boy" things all the time.  he is constantly trying to put Brady's SHOES on and gets frustrated when he can't figure it out.  he instantly starts DANCING his little body about as soon as any kind of music comes on.  when you ask him a question, in which he wishes to answer yes, sometimes he verbalizes the yes, sometimes he doesn't but he always he NODS passionately.

We have adored the last 15 months with this little guy and are excited to see what the next 15 months brings!

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