Sunday, August 8, 2010

A strong opinion already for lil' Evan!

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day going through Brady's and Evan's clothes organizing and packing away things that they have outgrown.  I was trying some pants and shoes on Brady to see what still fit and what did not.  Evan came scooting over to where Brady and I were sitting and kept holding his foot up in the air "talking".  I put one of Brady's flip flops on him so he could be a part of the trying on process.  When I took it off, he got upset.  I went to his room and grabbed a pair of his shoes.  When I left the room, he cried because I did not put shoes on him as he apparently wanted.  When I came back with his shoes in my hand he started "talking" again and holding his foot up in the air.  I put his shoes on him and he just smiled and then scooted into the kitchen where Chris was.  When he saw Chris he held his foot up in the air and "talked" away.  He was so happy to have his shoes on.......

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