Monday, August 23, 2010


A couple of noteworthy things Brady has said lately:

(1) yesterday while brady was napping, i rearranged a few MINOR things in our den.  when he woke up he commented on a couple of them and then while walking to his playroom in complete SERIOUSNESS says "this is not our house anymore" - completely straight-faced and serious.  chris and i fell out hysterical because - it was HILARIOUS but also because he and his brother, jeff, are the EXACT same way if their mother changes ANYTHING in her house...even the placement of the kitchen trash can.  i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all.

(2) today i overheard brady talking to chris while he and evan were in the bathtub.  he was asking questions about when he was born, in my tummy, etc.  he then said to chris: "where was evan when i was born?"  chris said: "he wasn't born yet." brady then says: "he was waiting in heaven?" sweet is that, especially since moms always call their sweet lil' babies "angels" and everyone always refers to lil' babies as "heaven sent".  i loved it.

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Laura D said...

All I can say is AWE for the second quote and the first one is a moment I wish you would have gotten on film. Love you