Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brady started 4K

Brady had his first day of 4-year-old preschool last Wednesday on August 18th.  He was excited and ready to start the new school year.  He is attending Green Valley Baptist again and we learned at open house on Tuesday that two friends from last year, Caelan and Mae, are in his class again.  He also has his best buddy -and next door neighbor - Grayson in his class.  I am excited for the two days per week that I will be able to enjoy some one-on-one time with my little guy, Evan, before he becomes a big brother in February. 
Here is my big guy during his open house on Tuesday, checking out his seat in Mrs. Mara's class:

Here is Brady the night before his first day of school....all his fun surprises from Mommy and Daddy - new pj's (Cars movie, of course), new backpack (Cars movie, of course), and a new fun book about going to school for us to read to him.  He still LOVES books sooo much!

And here he is on his first day of school...such a BiG GuY!!!!

enjoying all the fun back to school decorations I put up while he was sleeping

getting ready to head to school

walking into school

"Good morning, Mrs. Mara"

He is looking so grown up!

He reported that his first day was good and he liked is new friends and teacher.  We are praying for a great year for him and very clear direction as to whether he is ready to start public kindergarten next school year or if he will need another year to mature.  We are so proud of our Brady Mac.

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Laura D said...

Where has the time gone. So cute and I love that you have your ritual every year with the backpack and stuff. Great parents! Love you