Thursday, December 23, 2010

19 months old!

On December 12th, Evan turned 19 months old...the past month flew by.  He has gone from walking to RUNNING...which surprises me not at all!  He has learned to flex his muscles, which is absolutely adorable!  He is trying to blow the candles out for Advent every night.  Just two days ago, he learned how to blow his REALLY blow his nose.  That seems like a funny....even silly... thing to journal about but at 19 months being able to truly blow your nose is a BIG DEAL.  It usually takes a child quite some time to figure out this concept.  These little things sure do make parenting a lot easier as well. He is so smart.  His vocabulary is average but his comprehension BLOWS MY MIND!!! He follows 3 & 4 step instructions so easily and thoroughly.  He pats you when you are cuddling sweet, so affectionate.  He seems to be coming out of the separation anxiety stage, which is such a relief for his mommy, especially with a little brother coming soon.  The last couple of Sundays at church he has not clinged onto us or cried at all.  He also went easily from relative to relative at MiMi & PopPop's house during our extended family Christmas celebration and gift exchange.  He LOVES to build...he enjoys K'nex, wooden blocks, and Brady's legos.  His fine motor skills are AWESOME!  He is still a fiesty little guy...very passionate, when he is happy, he is VERY happy.  When he is angry or frustrated, he is VERY angry or VERY frustrated!!

Still hard to believe this little cutie pie is going to be a BIG just 2 short months!

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