Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet Christmas Snippets

It is, of course, ALWAYS fun to watch your children get excited about what comes with all the Christmas fun....what did Santa bring, the fun and excitement of driving around looking at lights, discovering new toys, talking about Santa flying in his sleigh to our house, opening our Advent boxes after celebrating the coming of exciting, so fun!

We enjoyed all the typical Christmas joy.  Some small Christmas highlights that I would like to remember are:

After nap time on Christmas, I had started to close my eyes and rest on the couch.  Brady had woken up from his nap and came into the den where all his new toys were still laid out.  I rolled over at some point and caught a glimpse of his still half asleep look staring down at one of his favorite gifts with a huge smile and his eyes saying "good, I did not dream it...this is real.  it is all still here."

Yesterday, I sat down with Brady to teach him how his Leapster 2 works and he was engrossed in it and how it works and what he can play on it.  At one point while sitting on the couch with him while he was playing, he bent down and kissed the screen.  I said "what are you doing, buddy?" as I was thinking: did he not understand the instructions that the Leapster just said? He looked up at me and said: "I just really like this, Mom."  How cute?!?!

On Christmas morning after the boys saw what Santa left them, they enjoyed going through their stockings.  Evan had Woody hanging out of his...which is ALL he cared about.  He held Woody and just kept saying: "Wooeee", "Wooeee" and then "ooooooo", with his little mouth in the shape of a very dramatic "o"....he was so delighted with this Christmas morning surprise!

Evan gave Brady the DVD of Toy Story 3 for Christmas (it was definitely a Toy Story Christmas around here).  Brady was VERY excited to receive this.  He leaned in, gave him a hug, and said "Thank you, Evan.  You are a good little child."  LOVED it!!!


Leah said...

So fun, Katrina. Looks like you had an awesome Christmas. Glad to see a glimpse of your fun!

Laura D said...

Thank you for sharing the boys christmas. How fun it is when they are young. It is so exciting to see the joy thru their eyes. I hope you had a great day which it sounds like you did. Happy new Year!!! Love you all!!