Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My sweet Brady sure has made Advent extra special for me this year. 

I feel like I am living in a very exhausting stage of my life right now.  With Brady being a very demanding....not in the stomp your feet, yell, pitch a fit kind of a way....4 1/2 year old and Evan being a very strong-willed "typical" toddler, and being pregnant...I am pretty wiped.  Add the rest of life, COO/CFO of household responsibilities, outside organizations, friendships, Priddy Stiddy business, etc. and you make a very worn-out, low-energy old broad! 

We started celebrating Advent as a family 3 years ago and have truly enjoyed the time as a family to pause after dinner and come together for Christmas as we should....for its true meaning.  It has been a blessing to watch our boys learn and grow in the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus.

Two nigths ago, Brady said the prayer for us after our Advent reading and filled my eyes - and I think his dad's eyes too!  He bowed his head and in his own words....we did not talk about it during Advent said: "Dear Jesus, thank you for loving us and giving us life.  Thank you for your birth, for dying, and for coming back.  Thank you for hope and peace (the two candles we are currently lighting).  Amen."  So sweet..the whole gospel right touching, so meaningful....I LOVE it!  It was a nice pause to the busyness, to my frustration and fatigue.  The perfect reminder of WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!

He exhausts me, wears me out, often makes me crazy but MAN he is a GREAT kid that is so sweet and has an amazing HEART!!!!
Our Sweet Brady has a wise man in his Christmas program at school!

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