Thursday, December 23, 2010

WOODy....Affinity and Beyond!

So this has been an interesting new area of parenting for me...first it started with Brady a couple of months ago with his affinity with his male parts and how they change at times.  He has started noticing this change and likes to discuss it and comment on it every time there is a "change".  This is new territory for me...(1) I am a girl (2) I have not had to "parent"/teach on this matter before (3) I only have one brother and he is older than this has been brand new for me!  In one way it is cute...which sounds weird I know but it makes sense.  The part that is cute is the innocence of it all.  The comfort and ease in which he can talk about this with his mother...not something that will exist, of course, when he is older.  It is a little awkward for me....being a girl and being his mom...I just don't want to know, deal with it, or think of him EVER growing up!!!  It is funny at times though too...with his choice of words.  "Mommy, look at this is is huge!"  Not exactly what I want to hear from my sweet 4-year-old but funny nonetheless in an awkward kind of way!

Evan...this has been a new area of parenting for me as well.  Evan has this immense LOVE for Woody from Toy Story.  Brady never attached to any one character/toy, etc. like this at this age...actually not even at his current age.  The funny thing to Chris and I is that he only has seen Toy Story in a clip or two here or there when Brady has watched one of the movies on trips.  He first saw a "doll" of Woody at Grayson Kim's house (Brady's best buddy and our next door neighbor) several months back and just loved him...picked him up and did not let him go the whole time we were there.  Evan has the average - or a few more - number of words for a child his age and since Brady received a Toy Story toy set from Noah at our family Christmas that included a little Woody...he has now added "Woody" to his vocabulary.  He says it constantly as he walks around, sleeps with, plays with, etc. this little toy.  "Wooeee, wooeee, woooeee"  He gets sooo excited...truly loves him....immense affinity "and beyond"!!!  Hopefully Santa includes this in his stocking this year!

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Leah said...

Too funny....sounds like I have a lot to look forward to when Carter turns four. Made me smile. Excited to follow your blog. With love from Huntsville. Your boys are so cute.