Friday, July 29, 2011


Brady, Evan, and I sitting around the table eating lunch a couple of days ago...

B - "Mommy, how will we (Evan and I) die?"
Me - "I don't know buddy.  Hopefully that does not happen for a really long time; like when you are A LOT older."
B - "But how does Jesus come and get us?"  "Does he send a rocket down here to get us and then we blast off with Jesus to heaven?"
Me - "Not exactly."  "Our bodies are not going to heaven.  Just our spirits.  Remember when we have talked about that before.  It is just our spirits that will go to heaven to be with Jesus."
B - "So in heaven we do not have any bodies...just our hearts go up to heaven."
Me - "Kind of."  "It is hard to really explain and we do not know for sure exactly how that part will be because the only people that know are in heaven.  They are dead do they can't tell us."
B - "Right, Right."  "So I won't go there until I am a lot older."
Me - "I hope so."
B - "Are MiMi and PopPop old?"
Me - "They are oldER but not real old"
B - "Right.  They are not REAL old, not that old yet.  They are just a little bit old."

Oh the wheels are turning...I love these thought-out REAL conversations that we have.  Most of the time we have the mindless chatter where it is obvious that Brady just wants to hear himself talk.  These are the talks I know I will cherish.  The talks I want to remember for a lifetime.

Evan at the end of this conversation contributes with a boisterous blast off motion and sound him!

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