Friday, July 29, 2011


I never REALLY understood "oVeRsTiMulAtiOn" until I became a  Mother.  Yes, I could comprehend - cerebrally - what it means to be overstimulated but I did not UNDERSTAND what it means...there was not empathy for the child who is overstimulated....."just relax"....what exactly does that mean?? 

Then I became a mom and I so often feel like I am going to scream overstimulated. I didn't know it was possible but with 3 little people in my care, that I am responsible for, I am OftEn overstimulated....the constant noise, the constant chatter, the constant NEED....WOWSERS!!! I so often feel like my nerves are tapped to the hilt. 

So I this me?  the "job"?  my kiddos?

I am working on figuring out how to "manage" this.  Sometimes in my "peaked" overstimulation my solution is "okay, quiet time now.  we are taking a talking..."  I hope my overstimulation does not scar my sweet Brady but rather teach him some self control, some patience, some appreciation for the quiet pauses in life.

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