Sunday, July 17, 2011

"I don't wanta....."

Evan's famous words right now...even if it is something that he likes.  "Evan let's go eat lunch." E - "I don't want eat lunch."  "Evan, let's go pee pee." E - "I don't want go pee pee."  Evan apparently is exercising his will in enjoying letting us know what he "don't wanta" do.

Evan LOVES Woody from Toy Story.  He also like playing with the other characters, in particular Buzz Lightyear.  Buzz Lightyear's famous quote is "From infinity and beyond".  Evan has started saying that - this is his twist on it: "from insinitee an yon" with such enthusiasm and the best and brightest smile.

He now says EVERYTHING that we say, even if we do not understand it.  Some in particular tha I like and are noteworthy: "nuk" for milk (he uses this word for wanting any drink, even if he is drinking water; "belbum" (you're welcome); "baf" (bath); "backboes" (crackers); "Un wich" (Uncle Rich); "samsich" (sandwich); "ine cited" (I am excited); "an wait" (I can't wait) endearing : )

LOVE Evan such a sweet and cool kiddo!

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