Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Words

I sure do love when I receive unsolicited words of affirmation from my boys.  Thursday morning before heading out of our house, Brady climbed into my arms and said "I wish I could marry you, Mommy."  Very touched, I looked at him and said "Why do you say that, baby?"  "Because, Mommy, I love you."  Awww, thanks buddy!

After arriving in Atlanta for a visit, I asked Brady to help me with getting some things out of the van.  He followed me outside and I told him that I was glad he was my big boy helping me and that I had him as my big boy.  He said "I am happy that I have you as my mommy."  I said, "Yeah, why do you say that?"  "Because, mom, you are cool AND cute."  How sweet!

At MiMi & PopPop's house, Brady's boo boo was starting to bleed again so he needed a band aid.  We looked in the bathroom with MiMi and found one.  I said that is great MiMi has a band aid for you.  He said, "Yeah, I knew she would have a special one for me."  Love it!

After having a stomach bug through the night, Brady and I prayed for his belly to feel better.  He woke up and the stomach part of his illness was gone.  I said, "Oh, baby, we need to thank Jesus for your belly feeling better."  He said, "Yeah, mommy.  We asked Jesus to make it better and he said 'Well, alright'."  He said this all smiles.   Precious!

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