Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bye bye paci

So Friday, January 13th - yes Friday, the 13th - was the night...Evan said "bye" to his paci. After sleeping with it for 2 years and 8 months, we closed that chapter for him. We did what we did with Brady and "celebrated" the fact that he is a big boy instead of just taking it away.   So our sweet friends, Amanda & Stefan, let Brady come over and play with his best buds, Grayson & Olivia, while we made a special night out of "being a big boy".  (We brought Maddox with us because he is quiet and not going to steal any attention or spotlight from Evan). 

We took Evan to the mall, to Build-A-Bear, and let him choose an animal of his liking.  He said goodbye to his paci and put it inside the elephant that he chose.  He named him Pauly D, with his Daddy's prompting.  After he chose his elephant, we went and rode the carousel (he again chose the elephant), and then he had an ice cream.  It was a nice time with just our big boy, Evan.

I was definitely concerned with how this would go when sleep time came as that is the only time our boys have them so saying goodbye in the mall doesn't have the full impact that sleep time will have.  We had a rough night that first night.  As fiesty as Evan is, Chris and I were fully prepared to find Pauly D torn apart with stuffing everywhere and the paci in his mouth come Saturday morning.

The first night was rough....LOTS of tears and crying for many hours......then he finally quieted down but woke up on and off all night.  Saturday at nap, some trouble and tears, but not as long.  Saturday night more DRAMA and "I want my papi (paci).  I get it out."  as he grabs for Pauly D and examines him to see where his opening is.  YIKES!!  We have a much more stern conversation with him about things on Saturday night and it does not take as long as Friday night and Chris does not have to stay in there for the night.  Sunday nap and night a little drama but not much.  By Monday and Tuesday, he was over it.  He would still ask for it from time to time with a knowing smirk on his face - testing me to see what I would say, but that is it.  After a couple of weeks, there are no more discussions regarding the paci.

He is OFFICIALLY a big boy : )

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