Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Evan is registered for preschool.  Next fall he will begin his preschool "career" at Hunter Street Baptist.  He was actually excited when we were there registering; which was a relief.  For quite some time in prior months whenever the topic would come up about him going to school next year he always would say "I not go school.  I stay home with you."  He went through a second stage of separation anxiety at about 2 1/2 and I wondered if preschool would ever be something he would be excited about.  Now he is excited.  Whenever I mention school now he says "I go school next year. I go Pschool when I am three."  It is so cute.  I LOVE how he still speaks like such a little guy even though he will be 3 in May.  Since Brady was beyond most children his age, in regard to communication, I am accustomed to a little guy saying things like a big boy and very clearly by this point.  My Evan speaks just like you would expect a 2 1/2 year old to speak so when he talks about Pschool, I think it is so cute.  It also makes him seems so young; too young to go to preschool.

While we were at Hunter Street Baptist Church, Evan misunderstood why we were there.  He thought he was actually going that day.  When it was time to go, after waiting (there were only 4 spots available) a while to register, he got upset.  He said "I go Pschool, Mommy.  I go Pschool today."  I had to explain not until next year when you are three.  As we were walking out of the school he kept saying "I play with awed (all) the boys".  It was so cute. 

Now whenever school comes up, he says: "I go to school (or Pschool) nes (next) year, Mommy, when I am three."

I love it!  I love him!

**A fun pic from Christmas (he got this backpack from Uncle Rich and Aunt Jenny and did not want to take it off all day) that made me think of him going off to school.  He looked too small to be wearing this backpack and going off to school.**

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