Sunday, August 5, 2012

And he is off.....

It is official....Maddox is a walker.  He "officially" walked for the first time on my birthday eve, June 24th.   He definitely took his time with REALLY in more than just a couple steps at a time, choosing walking as his first choice of motion - vs. crawling, getting back up on his feet to try it again - vs. falling and then just switching to crawling.  I would say that the last week of July going into that last weekend of the month he really just decided that walking is mode of transportation choice number one.  He got much braver - and excited - to just take off.  He would walk across the room with success.  When he fell walking he would pick himself up and try again rather than just submitting to the crawl.  He is so fun to watch.  He holds his hands up and out the universal sign for "stop".  He has the swagger of a cowboy, maybe of one with a couple of drinks in him.  There is a gut out, butt out, bow-leggedness that is distinct enough I feel I could pick him out of a row of blonde toddler beauties coming at me from a distance.  He has been so proud of himself...walking with a huge, radiant grin that is often accompanied by a little excited giggle.
I. LOVE. IT!!!!

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